1. Interior Design Solutions Company

    We here at BOSCO provide ideas for store solutions through interior design. Our original interior design single-mindedly serves clients by; Bringing the allure of your brand out in the open and differentiating it from yout competitors, Attracting the interest of consumers and converting that interest into concrete sales and Contributing to your profit and growth in future.

  2. Junction of People and Apparel

    The main focus of our business is brand name apparel shops. In addition to individual stores, we also often handle the overall interior design of brand-name nationwide stores. We have an overwhelming strength in this field in which sensibility is demanded of each individual fixture. This strength is combined with our refined skills and ability to sense recent trends. We naturally provide feedback on all of our services to those in other industries as well.

  3. Totality

    Our services include “concepts”, “design”, “planning”, “construction” and “after-sales service/maintenance”. Without even one of these steps makes it difficult to create a store with allure and expandability. Therefore, we have integrated the entire process to create a system promoting totality. Our comprehensive services involve linking all areas and sharing a sense of responsibility which transcends one single area.The commercial environment provided by BOSCO is born from the shared high level of completion and cost effectiveness.